Thursday, April 30, 2009

A league of her own

[Take note of all the cute lil pink gloves]

This is Alliyah's second year playing softball. Shortly before sign-ups this year we asked her if she wanted to play again. She said, "I don't want to play anymore because my feet get to sweaty." OMG! What a girl, lOl! Luckily, she changed her mind ... I would've been sad if she didn't play!

She has really improved this year! Unlike last year she isn't drawing in the dirt and picking daisies most of the game! Haha!

She got the game ball after her game last week! She was very excited!

Playing catcher

Getting ready to bat

Her team name is Major Rockstars [so cute]! When coach yells 'major' all the girls scream, 'ROCKSTARS'!! That's what they are doing in this pix! She is number 10.

After the game the parents make a tunnel and all the girls run through.

She is really enjoying herself and I hope that she wants to play for many more years to come!

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