Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hodge Podge

I've totally been lagging in the blogging department! Thanks to one of my wonderful children, who tossed [or threw] a book at my brand new laptop and broke a few keys [including the always handy space bar], *cough, cough* Justin ... I've been uploading pixs on different computers! Luckily, the warranty is/was in full affect. By the way HP has some awesome service! They shipped me a box to send my laptop back to them in, I shipped it, they received it on April 20th, and I had it back to me on April 22nd [good as new]!!

We ordered Damon this totally cool cape! It has a spider on one side and on the other side it has a "D" for Damon! Depending on what super crime he is fighting he can be Spiderman or Super Daaamon! I'm surprised we've managed to leave the house without the cape, he LOVES it!

The kids had been playing in Damon's tent, and, well I guess Alliyah played a little too hard!

This month we've had some really crazy weather! It's been up to nearly 100 degrees and down to 68 degrees! While the hot weather lasted the kids took full advantage!

This would be Damon posing for me!

Couldn't decide which one, so ...

Damon got some bug catching tools from his Grandma for Easter! Damon & Alliyah have been on daily bug hunts ever since!

If you look real-real close you'll be sure to spot a rollie pollie [at least it's nothing too gross]!

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