Saturday, April 11, 2009

"Go Bananas"

Friday [yesterday] marked the first day of Spring Break for Alliyah & Damon! I've been counting down the days, couldn't wait for us to all be home together!

There is jumpy house place that we'd been wanting to take them to, so we decided to go! It's in Lathrop and way better then the one we have in Tracy! The kids had a blast, there is even a 'toddler town' for Justin! Justin may have had the most fun, lOl!

Later on that night my Mom helped Allie & Damon bake bunny cakes, two of them, so that they could each do their own! She's better at that then I am because I want to go behind the kids and fix what they are doing, lOl! The cakes turned out really cute though!

Ta-da ... the finished product! I guess Damon's bunny fell in the grass!

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