Monday, April 13, 2009

A hip hop Happy Easter!

Well, since we didn't make it home until about midnight the night before the boys were sleeping in. Allie ventured into our room a lil before eight. Ray and I were trying to wake up, lOl! Allie laid in bed with us for about a half and hour in hopes that the boys would finally wake up, but no such luck! We let her sneak down and see what the Easter Bunny had left for her. Finally the boys woke up and came down stairs to check it all out! Damon was mad the night before that Santa wasn't coming, but he thinks the bunny is pretty cool now too! After baskets, it was time to hunt for eggs! Justin even thought this was fun! After eggs we got ready and went over to Ray's Uncle Paul's house. All of the family was over [as usual], we had a fab dinner, and the kids had another Easter egg hunt with all their cousins!

Checking out Dae's basket o' goodies

Forget what's in the basket ... I've got chips!

Time to go look for eggs...

Hm, when can eat these things, right?!

Such an awesome big sissy, she's giving him some of her eggs

They looked so cute!

Off to Uncle Pauls & Auntie Micheles

The kids getting ready for another egg hunt

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