Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hot off the press

Like how awesome am I ... these pixs are from today & I'm blogging today, whoa!

It's Kailee's last weekend here, so we are busy, busy! Last night we took the kiddos out to enjoy some pizza. After we got home they played outside with their friends, then it out was out to yogurt, the red box, & back home for game/movie night.

This morning we got up & took Kailee to do a lil shopping & then headed to the spray ground park. The kids worked up quite the appetite, so we let Kailee pick where she wanted go out for dinner ... she picked Chevy's [thank God she didn't pick the nasty buffet she always makes her Grandparents take her to when they come for a visit]!

Lil Spiderman
Crazy kids
Tay is about to puke & Allie looks less then thrilled
Doesn't seem to make her want to get off though
Allie taking Dae for a spin
Where is our baby?!
Playing in the water
Gossiping & giggling

We are about to head over to Granpy's to hang out with the fam-bam!

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!!

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  1. Awesome! Looks like the kids had an amazing time! I LOOOVE the 2 of Justin! Tom-Tom had those same sandals this summer!