Friday, August 20, 2010

A lil of this & a lil of that

Cuz sometimes eating cake with your clothes on is overrated!
All the cool kids have one!
Wow, Alliyah is super brown! On another note Ray & I celebrated 12 years together & our 5th wedding anniversary & our sweet lil girlies baked us a cake!
It was very good & all of those sprinkles made it extra crunchy flavorful!
Daddy & Kailee practicing more moped stunts!
My baby gots hops! lOl

Love my crazy fam!!


  1. lol at the 1st pic!

    2nd pic is awesome!! I love the effects you put on it!

    Dang Ray!!! 8-0

  2. And that was soooo sweet of your little girls to make you and Ray a cake! Awwww!