Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's that time of year

Some how the summer has just slipped right by ... & it's already that time of year again! We have a big 2nd grader & kindergartner on our hands!

Daddy took most of the pictures from the first day of school ... he's getting better! =)

A lil bright out!
Daddy & Dae thought the cone looked like a fun thing to pose with?!
Walking to school ... hope they don't mind if we follow them every year! =)
Walking with a couple of their buddies!
Daddy helping Dae-Dae get his stuff in his cubby!
Doing a puzzle or two before we take Allie to her class
& a lil note Kailee stuck his Alliyah's backpack!

SO sweet!!

& soon enough we will officially have a 7th grader on our hands ... holy macaroni & cheese, that is crazy!

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  1. We still have another week befor we start school, I want to say I can't wait but at the same time I feel so nervious for them too!!! New school, new teachers and new friends... Our school was closed down and we were sent to a different school... fooey!