Saturday, February 6, 2010

Where a kid can be a kid ...

We finally have a bed time routine! Woot! I've never been a crazy-scheduled-my-kids-have-to-this-and-that-at-a-specific-time-kinda-Mom. It's always just worked for us. Of course Allie has had to go to bed by 8:30 this past year because she has to get up for school in the a.m. Justin has always told us when he's ready for bed [which is usually between 8:30 & 9:30]. Damon has always gone to bed when we go to bed, very bad habit. It was time for Damon to sleep in his own bed [like two years ago] lOl! So, at 8:15 we head upstairs, brush their teeth, read a story, and lights out. If they are cooperative they get a sticker [which has been every night so far] on their chart. Once they have five stickers they get a treat. Could be a slumber party in Mommy & Daddy's room, special snack, or toy, etc. They all had five stickers, so this treat was a trip to Chuck E. Cheese [probably should've started with something smaller]!

Caught ya
He must have done the slide 500 bazillion times

Not tall enough to reach the pedals, so it became Mommy's job!
.Dork #1.
.Dork #2.
& .Dork #3.
Finally sliding down on his bum ... look @ his crazy static hair
"I did it, Mommy ... I won"

I must say, I'm loving this crazy-scheduled-my-kids-are-all-asleep-at-the-same-time-kinda-schedule!! Hubs and I actually have time to ourselves at night! Plus, there are no interruptions during Modern Family! ;)


  1. That show IS pretty funny. I came across it one night while watching other episodes on the laptop. Bed time routines are the best!!

  2. Great pics Gena! I love them all! I can't pick a favorite! I'm glad you have a schedule and you and Ray have some time to yourselves at night.