Friday, January 15, 2010

Snow Fun Part II

We took the kids to the snow last year [for the first time] and we/they had SO much fun. Unfortunately Kailee wasn’t able to go last year, so we really wanted to try and find time to squeeze in a snow trip while she was here. Luckily it all worked out and we were able to go. We took a trip up to Leland Snow Park which is in Strawberry. We spent a lot of time tubing [thank goodness we paid a little extra for our tickets and got the ‘tow up’ service because it sure beats hiking up a great big tall snowy hill just to slide right back down it]! LOl! After we went tubing and grabbed some lunch we went to a different play area where the snow was a lot softer. Next time we may just skip the tubing all together, or just go for a couple of hours. The kids loved sliding down the hills, but I think they had even more fun just playing in the snow! It was awesome family time. There was a lot of tackling and snow ball fights going on. Good times and great memories! We may try and find some time to squeeze in another trip this year ... we shall see! Next time we go I won't be feeding the kids before we hit the road! All of the kids [besides Kailee] got car sick! Very strange, they have never done that before! First it was Justin, then Dae, and right as we were pulling up to the park it was Allie's turn. Good thing they were all wearing layers, yuck!

Kailee 'rockin' her snow overalls ... her words not mine! lOl

All of our babes playing in the snow
Aw, where's Just?!

Big mouth

Daddy and the kiddos playing

This tube became our make shift snow stroller for a while! He was tired and need a nap! Isn't he so cute! All the Mom's that walked by thought it was great idea, I'm not sure the park would agree! hehe
Daddy and his girlies
She wasn't throwing this at me, but it sure looks like! [she knows better when I'm holding a camera] lOl!
Look closely ... do you see Kailee's body??
Face plant
We do it in the sand so why not the snow?!
Kailee throwing a snow ball @ Daddy [see it mid air]?!
Dae-Dae bug
Making snow angels
My girlies
Damon fell asleep too! Aw!

Daddy & Mommy
Damon is in there too ... some where! We held on to each other and went down the hill together. I think someone ran into us [see them right behind us]! We had SO much fun going down the kiddie hill! It was fast! We wiped a few people out!

She would drag her sled up the hill all by herself! She LOVED it!
Being a great big sissy!
Dae & Frosty

Almost all looking!!


  1. Great pics! I love them all! I can't choose a favorite!! lol

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