Sunday, January 10, 2010


A lil late, but better late then never, right?! The kids Ray & Kailee woke everyone up at 6AM! I was hoping to sleep until at least 7! lOl! We had to wake the other kids up and only the baby took a nap that day ... although I really wanted to! lOl

We went over to Ray's Grandpa's house this year! That's where all the fam was gathered! Good times as always! I didn't take very many pictures Christmas day ... mostly just of Christmas morning! Not sure what happened.

I should of taken a picture of what the house looked like after all the presents were open, chaos!!
Santa's lil delivery

A few pictures of the munchkins opening/playing with their presents! ...

These Littlest Pet Shops are taking over our house! Take note of her pj's and Dae's pj's ... her and Damon insisted they wear Daddy's t-shirt to bed, so why not!
He still loves him some Buzz! Good thing they are making another Toy Story and Buzz is still available!
He LOVES his train table! We love it too because everything is built right into the table! Damon had a train table, but the tracks were always coming apart and making me crazy! Justin's train table is way more portable too, so when the weather gets warmer and he wants to play outside with it ... it will totally be do-able!
Opening her new laptop! We decided on the smaller notebooks because we were thinking it would be easier for her to travel with [and they are WAY cute]! She loved it!
So silly!
The kids all dressed up and lookin' spiffy!

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