Saturday, January 9, 2010

The lost & forgotten

So ... as I was going through pictures from Christmas I came across some that I totally forgot about! They are from the beginning of December when we decorated our Christmas trees. I should say we were all in jammies ... probably should've picked cuter ones, but whatever! lOl!

We had two trees ... one that the kids got to decorate all by themselves. They can put the ornaments anywhere they want, even if that means 15 bulbs all top of each other. Then we have our 'Macy's tree'! Think the kids did a pretty fantastic job on their tree!

Picking out just the right spot!
He looks guilty of something!
He wasn't interested at first, but it didn't take him long to start lovin' it!
A lil help from Daddy
And, Mommy!
Takin' a squeeze break
See what I mean about the 15 bulbs, lOl
The finished kid's treeAnd, the 'Macy's tree'

Right on!
Toothless grin
Giving Frosty a lil love

JuJuBe & his elf hat

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