Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Picnic

Enjoying some super spring like weather this weekend. It's been in the upper 60's, low 70's, & beautiful out! Decided to lay low this weekend and chillax! Yesterday the kiddos and I helped Miss Emme celebrate her 3rd birthday @ Go Bananas and from there we headed over to the park! Thought I would let the kids completely tire themselves out run around and have some more fun!

Mmmm, mmm, good
Park fun
Blowin' bubbles
He looks waay too grown up here

Happy ♥ Day!!
The love bugs and I took a walk down to the park [different then the one we visited yesterday] and we had a picnic for a nice Valentine's afternoon!

Good thing I have tomorrow off too, so I can actually get somethings down around the house! The laundry is calling my name, blah! I've been trying to ignore it, but it's not working out so well!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend and a Happy Valentine's Day! XoXo


  1. Great pictures, Gena! (as usual!!) I LOVE Justin's Big Flirt shirt!! Too cute! I love all your pics, I can't pick a fav.! :D

    Happy Valentine's Day to you too!!

    BTW, I'm soooo jealous of your Spring-like weather. They're calling for 1-2" of snow overnight.

    How cute is a picnic in the park for Valentine's Day!? Very cute idea! I might steal that next year, but we would have to go to an indoor park. :D

  2. I am sooo wishing for warmer weather!!! I need some cali sun!! :)