Sunday, February 7, 2010

2010 ... a lil late

I sent my laptop in to get my keyboard repaired while it's still under warranty. One of my children [*cough*, *cough*, Kailee] may have knocked some of her juice onto my keyboard therefore the important letters were all sticking. BTW, HP has awesome customer service. This is the 2nd time I've needed repair because one of my other children [*cough* Justin] dropped a book on my keyboard the last time. Anyways, they've been great each time! So needless to say while it was out for repair my pixs were gone too.

Here's a few from us bringing in the new year! Usually Ray and I have a party, but I wasn't in big party mode this year. We let the girls have their friends over instead, so they had a slumber party!

Allie & Lynae
They are crazy
Party time
Tay-Tay & Kai-Kai
Man, he LOVED the blowers
The girlies minus Meya
What's a NYE party w/out LOTS of junk food?!

Pretty girl!

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  1. Great pics, Gena! I love the last one! Very pretty!