Sunday, May 8, 2011

Best Suprise EVER

Yup, pretty much the best surprise ever! Kudos to me for not blowing it ... almost slipped a million times! Well, I did slip to my Mom, but other then our tight lipped operation was a success! Kailee [& fam] were out here for a lil vacay and slipped in some time for us! The day she arrived, I called home and asked the kids if a package had arrived from sissy. Of course there wasn't a package there yet, but they were now expecting one! When we got home, we set the box up on the porch and called the kids out to tell them the package was outside!

There is a sissy in there ... eeekkkk!!

They have spotted her
Alliyah was still trying to process everything!  "Did my sister really get shipped here"?!  "I'm so confused"!  =)
Big squeezes!
Damon's face says it all!

We had a very nice little visit with her! & she'll be here again before we know it! Can't wait!

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  1. What a great surprise! You are such a fun, creative mom!