Saturday, April 30, 2011

Like New ..

We are in the midst of transforming the boys room ... it's taking longer then I would like because I am having a hard time deciding on bedding!  And until I decide on bedding everything else it at a stand still.  

We decided on the new beds and a new dresser for them and luckily right before I ordered everything ... Ray's Dad coincidentally asked if we wanted a dresser and a desk.  At first I was hesitant because it wasn't really our style w/the old 80's paint look and I wasn't real successful in my past attempt at a dresser make over.  But, I thought the boys would like to have their Uncle Robert's old furniture and they looked brand new, so what the heck ... I'll give a whirl [but this time with the help of Ray's handy Aunt Tati]!!

& if I do say so myself ... they turned out awesome!  Pictures don't really do them justice [although they do show a couple of touch up jobs I need to do - lOl]!

I didn't think to take pixs until we had already started, but you get the idea

 Dae helping out
 Home Alone?!
 Justin's "Home Alone"  =)
 Tati happend to have an old desk chair ... she painted for the boys!
 & the new dresser with new knobs
 & the desk

Grand total of about $25 & they are like new!  They boys love the new furniture! 

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