Saturday, May 28, 2011

Easter [ish]

We dyed our eggs a day earlier then we usually do it, since Kailee wasn't going to be with us the day we normally do it.

Kai & Dae
Cheeeese break

All the different dyes to chose from and they all pick the same one at the same time!

Taking a break to play some hand clappin - Mary Mackin - or whatever the cool kids do these days

He's pretty damn cute


Silly girl

& they are done and ready to play pirates!
Pretty, pretty
They did a great job
Allie's proud 'rock'
& the next day ... headed to Grandpa's for a visit
~ Sisters ~
Kids ... can you take a picture for me?  Justin - not so much!
& Easter Day

Justin still not feeling the whole picture taking thing
No pictures, Mommy!   Lil booger

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