Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy NewGivingXmas Day

Let the celebrations begin ...

Kailee got in last Sunday & since we won't have the opportunity to see her for Christmas or New Years ... we celebrated New Year's, Turkey Day, & Christmas this week [our every other year tradition]!

Wrestling around ... there is a Daddy & a Dae-Dae in there somewhere
 Tay & Kai ... & what else are lil sisters for
 Daddy getting Kailee back

 Pretty much they are the cutest ... LOVE them!
 Fast forward to Wednesday ... or New Year's Eve:

Just what every New Year's celebration needs ~ junk food!
 Marshmallow pops

 A few of us didn't make it til midnight!
 Justin fell asleep too [but he was in his bed].  
I may have dozed off too, but made the midnight celebration!
 It was fa-reezing outside
 She got silly stringed

 Now Thursday ... Turkey Day:

Our neighbor brought over these scrumptious cupcakes! 


 Somebody didn't want to take pictures, but Kailee had the perfect solution ...

Finally ... the whole clan!

Friday = Christmas:

Complete with Christmas plates.  We had the quite the dinner ~
Lobster, Crab, Shrimp,Steak, Scalloped Potatoes, Rice, Calamari, Wonton Shrimp thingys, Rolls
 ... Deslish

& after dinner was present time!  The other kids each got a 
new movie to open [I was really close to breaking down & giving them a 'real' present, but soon enough]
  They were pretty excited to watch Kailee open presents though .. hence posing w/her presents!  :]

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