Sunday, November 14, 2010

Super Franks

Last weekend the kids, hubs, & I met up with my girlie friends [& their hubby's & kiddos] for a play date @ Super Franks!! I hadn't see the girls for a while ... I missed them! Hopefully a gathering for the holidays will happen soon!!

Allie coming down from the slide
JoJo I see you
We tried to do a group shot, but um yeah!
Aubrianna [I probably butchered the spelling]
Hodge Podge

From Halloween:
Somebody didn't want to dress up! Somebody wore his big brothers Captain Hook costume from last year! At least somebody wore a costume because that somebody's Mommy was going to be embarrassed to trick or treat with a costume-less child!
Somebody looked a lil silly, lOl!

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