Friday, July 23, 2010


[Part I]

Wowzers ... took a bazillion [or so] pixs while we were in Monterey. We had an awesome weekend. First time we've gone somewhere with out a super packed agenda. The only planned thing on our agenda was mini cruise to watch whales & dolphins ... which is way more awesome then I ever could have imagined. Shamu ain't got nothin' on these whales ... they are freakin' ginormous and came a lil closer then I would've have liked.

On the beach before our cruise

These pixs are all outta order, but this is from the cruise
Allie Bear
Pretty much the most adorable kids on the face of the planet [nope not bias at all]! ;)

Told ya ... totally out of order. Getting to our hotel room [right on the ocean] ... kids running around like looney toons!

@ dinner ... ??
Back to the beach!
Mommy & Daddy
Love me some Dae-Dae
He loves the sand
Not the best family pix, but anything looks good on with the scenery ..right?! =)

Lil booger tackled me
& licked me ... eww
Kailee & her Daddy
Reminds me of battle ship

It's a whale [or the lochness monster]


Taken by Kailee
Pretty, pretty!

The cruise would've been smooth sailing, but our poor Dae bug got sea-sick, but after he blew his biscuits ... he was all better & enjoyed the rest of the ride!

[Stay tuned for Part II]


  1. Great Pictures! Looks like everyone had a lot of fun. I need you to come take pictures of my family. Maybe if you do, I'll have some pictures to update my blog. Haha! Can't wait for Part II.