Sunday, July 11, 2010

4th Of July Weekend

The above picture is the only actual picture from the 4th of July because I forgot my memory card ... boo!

4th of July weekend was busy, busy, busy! Saturday the 3rd was Grampy's 80th birthday celebration. His party was at a winery with a catered dinner, so the party didn't start until that evening. Our neighbors were celebrating the 4th a day early since a few people were going to be gone, so we all pitched in and ordered the bouncy water slide thingy! The kids played on that thing all day and had a blast!

Allie & Taylor
What these girl do best
Dae-Dae's turn
So cute
He's such a big kid
Lil Gap model
Kai & Tay ... Besties
Alliyah was a wild woman
Crazy girl

After playing all morning and into the late afternoon it was time to get ready for Grampy's big bash!

She was the first one ready [cuz hopefully she could sit still the longest] ... but I don't have pictures of the other kids after they were all ready & cute!

Ray, Grampy, Robert, & Raymond
Kailee & Alyssa
Peace lovers
Some of the fam
Ray, his siblings & Grampy
Mmmm ... cake
JuJuBe & his cousin Elijah hugging bye
More cake
Elijah & Damon ... they appear to be slow dancing! lOl

Very fun weekend. The kids were able to catch our block fireworks after Grandpa's party ... they were stoked. On the 4th we went over to Ray's Aunt & Uncle's house and swam, grilled out, & had a great time! We went over to his other Aunt's house for fireworks. His Aunt's neighbors go to Reno every year and spend 100 of dollars on some [illegal] fireworks ... they put on a heck of a show for us [well for themselves & we reap the benefits]!


  1. Love all the pics!!! Especially the ones of Kai all dolled up...she looks so grown!

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