Thursday, July 15, 2010

A's Game [seriously] ..

We wouldn't normally go to an A's game [unless they were playing the Giant's], but free tickets are free tickets! We actually went with my company! When I told Alliyah we were going to an A's game her response was ... really?! A's, why?! lOl! That's our girl ... total Giant's fan! It ended up being a great game to go to because it was 15 to 1 [A's]! There was even a grand slam hit ... lots of excitement the whole game! And after the game, the A's put on an incredible fireworks show, seriously awesome!

I don't have too many pixs, but here are a couple!

Tailgating before the game! Tri-tip & hot dogs ... mmmm! This gate kept the kids [the boys @ least] entertained for a while!
Girlie girls
Daddy & Justin
Beer with a licorice straw ... classy!

I'm off to finish some last minute laundry & packing for our weekend get away! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. K, so kinda funny that the husband is wearing a giants shirt to an A's game!! haha Looks like you had fun!