Sunday, December 13, 2009

The run down ...

I'm waay behind! I started working a couple of months ago and I'm trying to remember how to be a 'working Mom' again! It's a lot more challenging with the kids in school and trying to balance everything, so blogging has gone by the wayside!

Lets see ... There was a fishing trip on Uncle Steve's boat!

Daddy & Dae taking in the scenery

Uncle Steve let the kids drive the boat, I thought it was going to be more like they thought they were driving, but he'd really be driving! Um, no ... he really let them drive the boat in full throttle! I was so nervous! Uncle Steve doesn't have kids, so I was like you know they are only 6 & 4 and have no driving skills yet, right?! Who am I kidding they got plenty of driving experience on the Wii! Haha

Damon kept turning around and looking at everyone, pictured below! Um, pay attention, honey! LOL

Sissy's turn

Haha, that's my girl!

Poor JuJuBe feel in the bait bucket!

Woo-who, we caught something

LOVE having my kids close in age! They are so cute together!

She loved picking up all the bait, nasty!

He really did love the boat drive!

There was bridal shower!

My bestie is getting married, yay! So the bridesmaids and I threw her a bridal shower!

We had the shower @ our friend Venesa's cafe downtown!
The bridal party minus one
The food

The awesome cake!!
Just liked this one! =)

There was Turkey Day!

So thankful for our awesomly large families! LOVE that my kids get to make so many memories with their family! This year we went up to Sacramento to see my family. Had a fab dinner and then headed back to town to see the hub's fam ... where we played Catch Phrase [hilarious] and ate some yummy desert!

I'll make a new post with a few more pixs ... soon! =)

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  1. Hey Gena! It's Danielle from the DDC Forums! I LOVE the first picture of the Thanksgiving pics!! Soooo adorably cute!! :D Love the family pic, too! You have such a beautiful family!