Monday, December 21, 2009

Making her rounds ...

Our Kaylors is finally here!! Yippeeee!! I picked her from the airport on Wed ... she was going to hang at work with me for a lil while and then my Mom was going to come pick her up, but we decided she could squeeze in a few hours of quality time with her Grandma Carolyn [her Mom's - Mom] instead. So even though she got into Cali at one, the fam didn't get to see her until six! Needless to say I had some very anxious kiddos waiting to see their sissy. Ray didn't get home from work until after six, so she snuck over to go see a couple of BFF's while we waited for him. They thought she was coming later in the week, so they were rather surprised when she knocked on their doors.

Damon didn't realize how much he missed her until he saw her! He wouldn't let her leave his sight! He kept asking her if she wanted to play! So cute!
Justin and that snowman! =)

Daddy just getting home from work!! Elated to have his baby home!
Tay still in shock that Kai was there!
Meya & Kailee
Bree, Lynae, & Kai

Damon had his Christmas program that night, so we rushed over to his school and watched his awesome performance [next blog]! After Dae's performance we went over to Grandpa's! Shisha and the girls came over too!

It's so nice to have her home, especially for the holidays! Our time with her is so limited, we cherish every moment that we do have. It's the best feeling in the world to have our family complete again ... even if it only last for a bit!

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