Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Justin's 2nd Birthday Party

Our baby is a whole two years old ... ALREADY?! I'm not ready for him to be a big boy yet, but he thinks otherwise! Justin is a lot 'older' then two, our neighbor thought he was turning three. He understands and knows a lot for his age, but that's what happens when your the youngest of four!

Now that he's two, it's probably time to get rid of his 'aci' [aka paci]! I don't think it'll be an issue for him, but it is for me. That's practically the only baby thing I have left, so I'll do it when I'm ready or before he's 4 which ever one comes first, I kid! =)

I was way excited to have his party this year because he got to have his party on his actual birthday and also because his oldest sissy got to be there for it [she misses all the other birthday's ... besides Daddy's]!

I decided on a Candy Land theme this year ... way fun & easy! I've given the idea out to other people, but nobody has ever ran with it! I decided what the hell, I'll use it! =) First things first, I had to figure out where I was going to have the party because there was no way I could have it at the house. All of our Christmas decorations would've clashed with the party decorations [I can't help it]! We found a clubhouse to rent out, it ended up being perfect ... not to mention the weather was completly beautiful that day! After I figured out the location it was off to the decor [the best part]! I wanted candy and lots of it! For a few months before Justin's birthday I was on a mission for glass jars [aka apothecary jars], I totally lucked out in this department. The most I paid I for a jar was $3 and that was only two of the jars ... all the rest I found at the dollar store. All of the jars were filled with candy that I had been collecting for a couple of months as well. I wanted to make fake candy too, you know way oversized lollipops and candy canes! My Mom decided she wanted to do all the fake candy. She totally went to town [wondering where I get it from, now ya know] she made fake gumdrops [that turned out awesome], she made lollipops, licorice, and some assorted candies! I made a gumdrop wreath, I liked the way it turned out, but it took for-ev-er ... we are saving that bad boy! =) There was a chocolate river [like on the game board] or more like a chocolate fountain, hehe! The kids table was set with Candy Land plates and cups. The plates had silverware wrapped with a candy bracelet and in the cups were licorice straws! Leading up to the door of the clubhouse was a colored path [made from poster board, made to look like the game board] and candy canes. My sister made a way awesome playlist which included every sugary sweet candy song you could imagine! Then to top it all off was the one of the cutest cakes ever made! I had it made by a lady in the bay area ... she is the same one that made my bestie's bridal shower cake ... she totally ROCKS! I'll have a lot more business coming her way! We played a couple of games, but not as many as usual. We had a gumball guess, toss the candy in the bowl game, & name that candy [lots of fun, harder then I thought though]! The name the candy had 'clues' to different candy, i.e. a cow that can't lactate ________??? That would be a milk dud, haha, get it? Anyways, there was like 25 of those [more for the parents]!

Picture Time!

Kailee playing the 'throw-the-candy-in-the bowl-game'
Kailee and Reyna getting down! Reyna was adorable!

The punch fountain [only $10] and way fun

Happy Birthday Justin!!

Guess how many?! Winner takes all of the gumballs home! Everyone was waay off on the amount of gumballs this machine holds ... it's 240!
Some of the candy my Mom made
The birthday boy!

We had a coloring activity because it's one of his most favorite things to do!
Playing a lil Candy Land while he eats some pretzels

The chocolate fountain

Totally ROCKED!

The gumdrop wreath


  1. Soooo cute! I LOVE the theme!! This is Danielle from the DDC, BTW!! =D

  2. Uuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..........
    My mouth is totally like stuck...uhhhhhh. Thsi is over the top FUN!! I can't believe all this the deco's are amazing, the candy "Bar" looks so yummy! And the cake I'm like shaking my head cause I'm at a loss for words.... Jsut so comepletely AWESOME! What a HECKA fun Mom you are! I'm probably going to copy this too! Way fun!