Thursday, December 16, 2010


I made a few ornaments for the kiddos and a few others this year.  They are super easy [so the kiddos helped] & they are pretty cute!

Alliyah & Dae-Dae each made an ornament for their teacher!  They were super excited to deliver their gifts ... a small token of our appreciation for their teachers!

The before:
 & after [Damon's teacher]
 Allie's teacher
I finished Kailee's first [since we were shipping it], & originally took pictures because I had a bad dream that when I shipped it to her, it all fell apart ... I'm sure this has something to do with the tragic loss of a couple of Christmas gifts that were broken at the hands of Delta on her flight home [thankfully they are replacing them]!  Now maybe I can get them for mental anguish!  haha 
Hard to believe Christmas will be upon us next week!!  I'm super excited!

Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday Season!

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