Sunday, April 11, 2010


Gosh, Easter already?! This year is flying by!

Keeping with tradition we dyed Easter eggs with the kiddos the night before Easter! I think Justin had the most fun and I am pretty certain he cracked all of his eggs!
Justin put all of his eggs in one basket ... hahaha!

I didn't even capture a picture of all 3 dozen finished eggs ... big fail! But, here's a few finished beauties!
These are a couple of Dae~Dae's!

After the munchkins hit the hay that night .. the Easter Bunny got to work. He filled their sandbox up with sand and gave them new sand toys! They all go new swimsuits, shoes, beach towels, a pool, a couple of new movies, and a few other goodies!
Another big fail ... all of the Easter baskets aren't in the pix! Dae's is to the right!
After the kiddos finished their Easter egg hunt [smart bunny hid the eggs inside because it was cold that morning]! Then off we went to get ready and go to Ray's families house. We stayed over there for a couple of hours and the kids did another egg hunt. And then off we went back to our house just in time for my families arrival and the the kids third egg hunt of the day

Here's Damon not wanting to take pictures! Booger!
Love him! Such a lil stud muffin!
He's getting so big and handsome as ever!
Gorgeous lil lady!

Pretending to be warm!
Think he's spotted an egg!
On the hunt
Playing in his sandbox
Some of the kiddos
Rock Band!!
&& My lil niece! She's totally stinkin' adorable! She sure makes me miss having a baby around!

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