Friday, April 9, 2010


Finally blogging about ... Jen & Hef [aka Hugh] getting hitched on 1.30.10! It was so much fun aside from the major butterflies I had prior to the speech I had to give! I was the maid of honor, so giving a speech was one of my duties! Yeah, I totally don't do public speaking, but some how I made it through with out fainting ... and the rest of the night was TONS of fun [possibly a lil too much fun]!

The day before the wedding Jen & I decided we would do a spray tan. Right after we were done the tans looked great. A few hours into the tan, however we looked like we belonged on the "Jersey Shore". We were freaking out slightly! Luckily, after we took showers our tans toned down a bit. Jen has pictures of us lookin' all "Snookie~ish", but I still have yet to see them!

The beautiful bride
Jen & April
Jen & Nick
Jen & Kardashian
Jen & her Mama
Jen & Sara

There are more, but I put them in a "folder" that I can't find at the moment!

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