Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday

Damon turned 5 on May 22nd. Can't believe my baby is 5 already!

For Alliyah's 5th birthday she had a carnival party, it was so much fun I decided that for all the kids I would have a carnival for their 5th birthdays. Damon had plans of his own though ... he didn't want a carnival party, he wanted a Mario party, and after all I guess it is his birthday, lOl!

There isn't a ton of Mario birthday party decor, so we basically made everything! My Mom totally helped me out A LOT ... thanks Mom!!

Warping tube ... watch out for those piranha flowers!
'Happy Birthday Damon'
I think these were my fav ... LOVE the way they turned out!

These are the 'Mario racing carts'
Of course ... what's a Mario party w/out Mario's hat?!
One of the tunnels on the race track
Yoshi's egg hunt ... luckily Easter was last month, so I scored a bunch of eggs!
Part of the race track
Part of the race track
Race Track
Watch out for those banana peels

Wait, these might have been my favorites! These goodie bags were so easy to make and turned out way cute!
Court-Court in her Mario get up!
Pin the mustache on Mario
Lily & Jossue ... pin-the-mustache winners!
Thanks to the hurricane ... took our balloons

Get your engine started

On your marks, get set, gooooo
& their off ...
Hope all your wishes come true, buddy ... we love you!
Takin' a break with Mommy!

We survived the wind storm & we are home! Then it was off to open all 1800 gifts, lucky boy!


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