Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Birthday tooo ME!

I don't think anyone LOVES birthdays as much as me! When I woke up the morning of my birthday only Ray and Allie were up and they had a shiny lil present waiting for me and Allie had made me a cute sign all by herself!

Here's my cute lil present!

Cute, right! It has lots of cool lil features! Ray had stayed up the night before putting lots of music on it for me! I wanted purple, but somebody robbed the Target and took all the purples, wth? lOl! But, I like this one too! That night we all went out to dinner to Casa Grande [yum-o]! The next night we went out with friends to Chevy's happy hour ... can't be a tab of 17 bucks! Their happy hour is super cheap! Saturday we went out with Ray's fam to celebrate my birthday again, and then again on Sunday with my fam! Yes, a week of birthday celebrations! I'm one lucky girl!

In case you were wondering ... I turned 21! Wink, wink! =)

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