Thursday, September 3, 2009


I'm laggin'! Update bullet point style!

  • It turns out Alliyah actually fractured her elbow, yikes! She'll be in a cast for about 3 weeks [better than the 9 weeks when she broke her foot]! Yes, she's only 6 and has already had 2 broken bones! 2 more then I've ever had! If anyone knows where I can locate a bubble to put her in ... I'd appreciate it! Looks like she's out for the soccer season, boo!
  • Ray celebrated his 31st birthday on the 29th! His Grandma's 89th birthday was the day before his, so we had a family gathering to celebrate both. Fun stuff! Afterwards we went out with the other side of his family and some friends to celebrate! Let's just say the night ended with Ray and John singing Jodeci together! Good times!
  • Kailee started her first day of Middle School this week [with her rockin' new do]! Like, seriously, unbelievable! So proud!
Her first day as a big junior higherThanks for the pixs!!

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